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Why Choose AEA?


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AEA is dedicated to providing rewarding and fulfilling teaching roles in China. Having lived and worked in China, we at AEA know just how intimidating the prospect of traveling half-way across the world to live and work can be. Our experience is reflected in our services and we provide you with all of the support you will need.


For our teacher placement services, AEA works with schools in China only. We are China specialists who share extensive experience and knowledge with you when considering opportunities. In addition, all of our team members have taught in China, so we understand its rewards and challenges. We prepare you for what lies ahead.

Industry-Leading Salaries


Hand in hand with the fact that we work with the best schools in China is the fact that those schools compensate their valued employees with the best salaries in the industry. Our positions range from 20K RMB ($3,200) to 40+K RMB ($6,400) per month. As you would find yourself with some research, these salaries lead the industry. As a point of reference, feel free to read this article:

Due Diligence


Our due diligence process is conducted with all new partner schools to ensure we work only with those schools that meet our high standards, and can offer the management and support required by foreign teachers. Our team has visited all schools in person, and each is monitored on an on-going basis for feedback.

Top-Quality Schools

In addition to due diligence, we have over 20 years of experience in the industry, and we leverage our relationships and expertise to ensure our teachers are placed into China's best schools. Our partner schools are safe and well respected. 

Local Support

Through AEA's offices in Buffalo, NY and Shanghai, we provide in-country support to our teachers and administrators. Our team includes both Western and Chinese staff to ensure that you are fully supported, and you will always be able to reach us by phone, WeChat or Skype. Moreover, you will be empowered by joining a dynamic team of energized and competent international teachers at your school. Through support from parents, the Board, and a high level of faculty collegiality, you will continue to thrive and excel.

The AEA Community

The AEA community is an active and useful resource. We encourage you to speak with current teachers who are already working for your potential employer to learn more about their day-to-day experiences at the school and within their city.

The AEA community actively supports all professionals with settling into their new life in China, whether it be with leisure issues such as travel or practical items such as housing, phone, and internet arrangements.

Cultural Fluency


Our team has been helping teachers and administrators adapt to China, and Chinese schools adapt to professional foreign staff for years.  We ensure that our applicants have support from a school’s bilingual HR  staff, and that the cultural challenge of moving to China is minimized by working with well-managed organizations.

We are proud of the work we do at AEA and look forward to working with you!


We invite you to send us your resume along with a 3-5 sentence self-introduction by clicking below.

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