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For Schools...

Study in the USA

AEA works with Chinese schools to provide customized programs for student groups at America's best schools.

For Teachers...

Teach in China

AEA offers unparalleled opportunities to teachers at premier schools in China. Learn more about teaching in China and about our current job openings.


Exchange Programs

Learn about AEA’s summer and winter exchange programs at top U.S. universities and secondary schools.

For Students...

Study in the USA.   Teach in China.   Let's Go!


Drawing upon over 20 years of industry experience, at American Education Advisors (AEA) we believe in the value of international education and the benefits it offers to students and teachers alike. We believe that personal and professional growth is accentuated by exposure to foreign cultures, and that such growth is highly valuable in our globalized world.


To support these beliefs, AEA offers customized programs in the U.S. at top universities and secondary schools that not only provide classroom content, but connections to American culture and its people. Similarly, AEA works with premier schools throughout China where American teachers have tremendous opportunities to grow and thrive.


Through its programs and services, and supported by its offices in Buffalo, New York and Shanghai, AEA aims to nurture an enlightened group of students and teachers, energized to conquer the challenges of today and tomorrow. In a rapidly globalizing world, we believe such programs are vitally important.



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