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Drawing upon over 20 years of industry experience, at American Education Advisors (AEA), we believe in the value of international education and the benefits it offers to students and teachers alike. We believe that personal and professional growth is accentuated by exposure to foreign cultures, and that such growth is highly valuable in our globalized world.


To support these beliefs, AEA offers customized programs in the U.S. at top universities and secondary schools that not only provide classroom content, but connections to American culture and its people. Similarly, AEA works with premier schools throughout China where American teachers have tremendous opportunities to grow and thrive.


Through its programs and services, and supported by its offices in Buffalo, NY and Shanghai, AEA aims to nurture an enlightened group of students and teachers, energized to conquer the challenges of today and tomorrow. In a rapidly globalizing world, we believe such programs are vitally important.

Sarah Matthews
English Teacher

As someone with 5 years of teaching experience in the U.S., I was looking for a position that could advance my career, while providing new rewards and opportunities for growth. AEA was able to connect me with such positions and to support me along the way. My experience working with AEA has been both enjoyable and fruitful!

Liu Xuan
University Student

AEA's program held at Stanford and UC Berkeley was instrumental in helping me learn what graduate school would be like in the U.S. I learned about interesting topics related to my engineering major while also learning about American culture. Thanks AEA!

Robert Johnson
Vice Principal

Serving as a Vice Principal in China over the last year has been highly rewarding. For over 20 years, I was a teacher and administrator in the U.S. and was interested in trying something new. AEA connected me with an opportunity at a fabulous school. With my wife at my side, I have loved becoming a part of our local Chinese community while growing professionally.

Zhu Jianwei
High School Student

As a senior in high school, I had decided to become an engineer, but was not sure which type of engineering major degree to pursue. AEA's program at MIT really helped me learn more about my options. Now, I have narrowed down my choices to  Aerospace Engineering and Biomedical Engineering.

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