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High School English Teacher

We are continually looking for passionate and experienced K-12 educators to join our growing network of schools, administrators, teachers, and communities dedicated to international education. If you are considering an international teaching job, we invite you to consider AEA. In addition to a highly supportive environment with opportunities for growth, our schools offer one of the best benefits packages for teachers working in China, including health insurance, airfare, and more:

Highest Teaching Salaries in China




to/from China


Support Staff



Renewable 10-Month


Free Health


Free Meals




Generous Holidays & Summer Break

We have openings for the position of High School English Teacher on multiple campuses within our network of premier schools. Proper due diligence, including screens for quality, teacher support and management, have been completed on all of our partner schools. Therefore you can trust your employer school, and the cultural challenges of moving to China will be minimized. Teachers are provided U.S. curriculum as a guide and framework for the academic year, but have the freedom to design daily lesson plans and manage the classroom as they would in a traditional U.S. classroom. Courses are taught in English and classes are led by international teachers.

Primary Responsibilities
  1. Develop lesson plans and instructional materials

  2. Provide individualized and small group instruction to adapt the curriculum to the needs of each student

  3. Evaluate students’ academic and social growth, record appropriate records, and prepare progress reports

  4. Communicate with parents

  5. Collaborate with school administrators and peer teachers

  6. Participate in curriculum and professional development sessions

  7. Assist and coordinate activities and events inside and outside of school

Qualifications & Requirements
  1. Education: Bachelor’s degree or higher in education or related fields

  2. Experience: 2 or more years of classroom teaching experience

We look forward to hearing from you! If you are interested in applying for this teaching position, please forward your resume along with a self-introduction of 3-5 sentences to Human Resources at

About American Education Advisors (AEA)

AEA is a global education company that believes that in our increasingly interconnected world, students and teachers with an international education mindset and footprint not only better themselves but each other. Toward that end, we partner with educational leaders and schools who work daily to make this belief a reality. Through our partner schools and student exchange programs, we provide over one thousand teachers and students every year with opportunities to learn and grow as global citizens.

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