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Member Benefits


All participating students receive certification representing their membership in AEA. This certificate serves as a reminder of the accomplishment completing one of AEA's programs and demonstrates one's connection to AEA's group of globally-minded students and executives. It can be proudly displayed in one's home or office.



AEA is a platform for students to stay connected to their new American and  international friends. As a member of AEA, students and executives join a group of internationally-focused individuals whose paths may intersect for many years to come. By joining AEA, members gain a wealth of new friendships and resources.


AEA is a platform for like-minded schools to connect with each other for a variety of different initiatives (ex: short-term joint study projects, long-term collaborative programs, dual-degree initiatives).


Our team of professionals has decades of experience in international education. As such, we are able to provide ideas and insights that help manage and inspire mutually rewarding cross-cultural relationships between schools that span international boundaries. In some cases, AEA provides funding support to bolster our initiatives (ex: scholarships for students and teachers).

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