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Why Teach in China?

Horace Greeley is credited with having said "Go West, young man, go west!" during America's westward expansion of the 1860's. Were Mr. Greeley still alive today, he might implore his listeners to skip California and keep right on going to China. With its booming economy and thirst for knowledge about the United States, China is a modern day Land of Opportunity, especially for Americans. There are many reasons one might have to further their teaching career in China and we have highlighted some of them below.
Earn & Save Money!

Most of our teachers earn 18K - 25K RMB ($2,800 - $4,000) per month, which are the highest salaries in the industry. Since housing, meals and insurance are usually covered by our partner schools, and since the cost of living in China is much lower than in the U.S., most teachers save the majority of their monthly paychecks. As reference, some daily living costs are listed below. 

                                                          RMB                    USD 

Health Insurance                         Provided or Subsidized 

Apartment                                    Provided or Subsidized 

Utilities/bills/ VPN                          ¥600                    $95

Restaurants                                    ¥1200                  $190

Groceries                                        ¥600                    $95

Transportation (inc. taxis)             ¥300                    $48

Entertainment                                ¥500                    $79

Evening out (once per week)         ¥600                    $95

Travel (weekend getaway)             ¥1000                  $158

TOTAL                                            ¥4800                  $760

Great Work Environment

Our partner schools have unique histories and cultures, yet they share common themes: high standards, dedicated and polite students and a commitment to the all-round development of young people. With English as the language of instruction and an emphasis on student growth within the international community, some of our schools cater to expatriate students, others cater to Chinese students, while most are a combination of the two.

The Perfect Career Change or Break

Teaching internationally for one year (or more) can be an ideal career change that offers long-term development pathways, or a short-term break that offers a nice change of pace. You can travel, learn new skills, save money, and have the satisfaction of helping others.

Learn Chinese

As the most widely spoken language in the world, proficiency in Mandarin Chinese opens doors to countless opportunities. Immersion in a language is of course the best way to learn it, and many teachers come to China with that goal in mind. In addition, as an added job benefit, most of our schools offer free Mandarin lessons to our teachers!

Career Growth Opportunities

Enjoy excellent professional development. In addition to offering a variety of professional development opportunities, you will also work with a dedicated and talented group of colleagues. Refine your presentation and communication skills, while developing transferable skills such as adaptability, cultural sensitivity and problem solving.

Be a Valued Member of Your Community

Given the passion and reverence Chinese people have for education, teachers are treated with great respect by students and parents alike. As a teacher from the West, you not only hold the key to empowering a student's academic growth, but also to inspiring his/her growth within the international community.

China's Rich History & Culture

Imperial China, which later became modern China, can be traced back over 2,000 years to the Qin Dynasty (Qin is pronounced Chin, as in China). From philosophy to religion, the arts to languages, from cuisines to architecture and so much would take a lifetime (or more) to explore all that Chinese history and culture have to offer. As one of the cradles of human civilization and a power on today's world stage, it is a fascinating part of the world to explore.

Travel & Adventure

Living and working in China offers an attractive lifestyle and unparalleled opportunities for travel and adventure. Meet people from different places at your school and in your travels. Mainland China itself offers countless opportunities, while East Asia in general (ex: Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam) offers still more options.


Across different regions and 56 different ethnic groups, China offers a diversity of cuisine that is simply amazing. Whether you prefer Sichuan, Cantonese, Uyghur, Shanghainese or Northeastern (Dongbei) style cuisine...China has something for everyone. And, if you are yearning for a taste of home, plenty of those options exist, too. At minimum, there is usually a Starbucks, Pizza Hut, McDonald's or KFC nearby, as these chains are now ubiquitous throughout China.

We are proud of the work we do at AEA and look forward to working with you!


We invite you to send us your resume along with a 3-5 sentence self-introduction by clicking below.

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